Locus Solus Studio Locus Solus Studio

Address:167h Lijnbaansgracht, Amsterdam
1016 VX

Locus Solus Studio is an Amsterdam-based outsourcing studio that specializes in creating custom 3D assets and social augmented reality (AR) experiences. Founded in March 2020 by 3D artist Isabel Palumbo, the studio focuses on the intersection of art and technology, aiming to redefine reality through innovation. Locus Solus Studio is known for its high-quality 3D production services and the development of engaging AR/VR experiences for social platforms. The studio has collaborated with several renowned brands, including Burberry, Huda Beauty, MGA Entertainment, Sotheby’s, and ZARA, to create immersive marketing campaigns utilizing AR technology.

As a certified member of the Meta Spark Partner Network (MSPN), TikTok’s insiders program, and Snap Lens Network, Locus Solus Studio has established itself as a leader in the AR space. The studio’s work ranges from retail and fashion to entertainment and education, with a mission to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AR technology and provide clients with qualitative end products. Their portfolio showcases interactive AR experiences that resonate with audiences and drive real-world results.

Locus Solus Studio’s vision is to create immersive, meaningful experiences that enhance daily life, striving for excellence and envisioning a world where AR enriches human interaction. The studio has received accolades for its work, including the second prize at the 2021 Hackathon Refresh from Facebook for the augmented reality experience “Scoop it Up!” and certifications from META and TikTok for their proficiency and professional experience in AR effects and interactive experiences[.