Lucid Dream VR Lucid Dream VR

Address:201 W Main St, Ste 101, Durham
United States

Lucid Dream VR is a pioneering company specializing in virtual and augmented reality solutions, primarily serving the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Founded in 2016 and based in Durham, the company has developed over 80 VR/AR tools to date. Lucid Dream VR’s mission is to revolutionize healthcare by providing immersive technology solutions that educate patients and providers, enhance training effectiveness, and simplify complex scientific concepts. Their services cater to pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech companies, aiming to captivate target audiences, boost employee performance, and accelerate growth. The company employs interactive experiences, games, simulations, and 3D animations to make science intuitive, memorable, and engaging. Lucid Dream VR is recognized for its innovative approach in creating interactive visual aids, scientific explainer videos, patient stories, and gamified learning modules, among other applications, to facilitate better understanding and engagement in the life sciences field.