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Address:Jana Dlugosza 3/b, Wroclaw
Category is a creative software house based in Wrocław, Poland, specializing in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions. The company focuses on delivering multimedia solutions for businesses, including applications for AR/VR, dedicated solutions, and a variety of multimedia experiences such as VR multimedia applications, product presentations, virtual showrooms, training for employees, and virtual tours. employs cutting-edge technology to offer gaming experiences, 360° storytelling, and innovative ways to present products, such as immersive VR showrooms where customers can test items before making a purchase.’s services cater to a wide range of industries, including business, culture, and brands. They utilize advanced technologies like Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, and Kinect for Windows to create interactive products that incorporate body and gesture control. The company’s team comprises professionals in various fields, including Unity 3D Programmers, 3D Graphics, Motion Designers, and UX/UI Designers, ensuring that their solutions are tailored to the specific needs of their clients.

Among the notable projects developed by are the DomArt Style app, which allows users to visualize furniture products in AR mode within their interior designs, and Hydropolis, a knowledge center about water for which Lune created an audio guide based on Bluetooth beacons for indoor location tracking. aims to not only entertain but also to broaden the scope of VR and AR use, demonstrating that these technologies can be applied in various fields, including medicine, where they have made first aid training more engaging[3]. The company offers both AR and VR experiences, with AR applications generally costing between EUR 5,000 and EUR 25,000, and VR applications being more expensive due to the need for a scenario, a 3D environment, and models.

In summary, is a dynamic and innovative company that leverages AR and VR technologies to create immersive and interactive solutions for businesses, cultural institutions, and brands, aiming to enhance user experiences and offer new ways of product presentation and training.