Maysalward Maysalward

Address:Building No 24,, Amman

Maysalward is a pioneering mobile game developer and publisher founded in 2003 in Jordan. As the first mobile game studio in the Middle East, the company has established itself as a leader in the industry, creating innovative and captivating games for global audiences.

Maysalward’s portfolio includes over 100 games available on both the App Store and Google Play, ranging from original IPs like Sheikh El Koba card games and Dominoes Pro to licensed collaborations with popular franchises. The company is known for its “glocalization” approach, which involves localizing global games and giving them cultural relevance.

With a strong focus on innovation, original content, and cutting-edge AI, Maysalward has expanded its reach beyond the Middle East to European and US markets. The company is committed to diversity, with 50% of its leading positions held by women, and actively supports various initiatives to empower women in the gaming industry.

Maysalward also plays a significant role in nurturing the local gaming community through various capacity-building activities, including managing the Jordan Gaming Lab and organizing events like Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan.