MEYNIKARA XR – Technologies MEYNIKARA XR – Technologies

Address:old no 2, new no 4, sriramnagar colony, taramani,, Chennai

Meynikara XR Technologies is a pioneering startup based in Chennai, India, specializing in extended reality (XR) technologies, which encompass virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and other related technologies. Founded in 2018, Meynikara has developed a strong expertise in AR, VR, 3D visualization, and various software platforms including Unity, ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, Three.js, and Tensorflow.

The company has made significant contributions to the educational sector through its Meta Kalvi initiative, which is Tamil Nadu’s first VR lab for education. This initiative aims to revolutionize the learning experience by introducing VR labs in government schools across the state. These labs provide immersive and interactive learning experiences in subjects like Maths and Science for middle school students. The Meta Kalvi project was launched as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative and has been implemented in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu government.

Meynikara’s commitment to leveraging XR technologies extends beyond education to include healthcare and industry applications. The company aims to provide end-to-end digital transformation services and create innovative solutions that address pressing business problems. Meynikara’s work is driven by a team of over 30 young professionals who are dedicated to integrating technological advancements into various sectors to enhance user experiences and outcomes.