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Phone+357 2503 0267
Address:Sholudenka St, 3, Kyiv

Mindy Support is a global provider of data preparation and data annotation services, established as an independent company in 2015. It has emerged as a trusted partner for Fortune 500 and GAFAM companies, offering a wide range of services including back-office, customer, and technical support across various industries. With over 2,000 professionals spread across offices in Cyprus, Poland, Romania, The Netherlands, India, UAE, and Ukraine, Mindy Support has successfully completed over 1,250 projects, achieving 100% client satisfaction. The company’s mission is to provide exceptional efficiency and first-class client service at competitive rates, building and managing remote teams for global enterprises and startups alike. Mindy Support prides itself on its ability to scale up quickly without compromising quality, thanks to its highly experienced management team with backgrounds in IT and customer support.