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Address:Porto, Pra‡a Revista o Tripeiro 42, 4150-789, Porto

HitBerry Games is a mobile game development studio that specializes in creating unique and engaging games for a wide range of platforms, including Android, iOS, PC, and Xbox. Founded in 2021, the company has rapidly grown and is known for its full-cycle game development capabilities. The studio boasts a dedicated team of professionals with over seven years of experience in game and app creation, including 3D artists, game designers, project managers, QA specialists, and business developers.

The company has developed a variety of games, such as “Horde: Wasteland Defense,” “Electrified Rush,” “Burger Queen,” and “Pet Clinic,” among others. These games cover different genres, including tower defense, racing, cooking, and idle arcade. HitBerry Games has a proven track record of delivering successful games that have been played by millions and has worked with major industry players like Homa, Moonee, CrazyLabs, Gismart, Zplay, TapNation.

HitBerry Games is also experienced in creating branded games and advergames, helping businesses to engage customers and improve brand loyalty through interactive and entertaining gaming experiences. The studio uses Unity 3D as its main engine for developing mobile games and is flexible in its schedule, pricing, and partnership models.

Overall, HitBerry Games is recognized for its professionalism, expertise, and enthusiasm in game development, with a focus on creating high-quality products that resonate with users and meet market trends.