Address:57 Bermondsey Street, Laxmi Building, London
United Kingdom

MOHARA is a dynamic company that positions itself as a partner in the development of tech products, working closely with startups, scale-ups, and global giants. Founded in 2011 and based in London, United Kingdom, MOHARA Ventures operates as an accelerator firm, focusing on seed-stage companies. The company prides itself on its ability to build world-class technology products by investing human capital into ventures and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs and tech companies. MOHARA Ventures aims to lower costs and increase the speed to market for its partners by building their products and augmenting their teams.

MOHARA’s approach is collaborative and supportive, offering a startup studio that empowers entrepreneurs by providing the necessary tools and guidance from idea through to Series A funding. The company has a global presence, with dedicated teams located in strategic offices around the world, including London, Cape Town, Bangkok, Manila, Guadalajara, and Toronto. This worldwide reach enables MOHARA to tap into a diverse talent pool and maintain a unified team despite the challenges of managing across different time zones.

The company’s values emphasize investment in quality, courage, visionary thinking, curiosity, honesty, and empathy. These values guide MOHARA’s operations and interactions, ensuring a commitment to delivering exceptional work and fostering long-term growth. MOHARA also offers opportunities for career development, encouraging employees to pursue fulfilling careers within the company by working with counselors on their career plans.

MOHARA’s business model is centered around being a co-founder startup studio, which means it partners with entrepreneurs who have a clear vision (“why”) and provides the expertise (“how”) and resources (“what”) to bring their ideas to life. Since its inception, MOHARA has invested in 35 founders, achieved 3 exits, and expanded its operations to 5 countries. The company’s mission is to turn good ideas into reality, partnering with pioneers to build businesses that aim to change people’s lives for the better.

In summary, MOHARA is a global product, technology, and venture development specialist that supports startups and corporates in creating, launching, and scaling innovative technology products. With a strong focus on collaboration, quality, and visionary thinking, MOHARA strives to make a meaningful impact in the tech industry and beyond.