Address:Zachodnia, 13, Kielczow

MPMTeam is a creative marketing agency based in Kiełczów, Poland, specializing in 3D animation, metaverse strategy, and phygital marketing activations. Founded in 2015, the company has carved out a niche for itself by creating visually engaging and meaningful digital media and immersive experiences for brands across various sectors, including technology, retail, and luxury goods. MPMTeam prides itself on its ability to tell compelling brand stories through spectacular promotions, aiming to enhance client sales while staying true to their brand identity.

The agency was founded by Mateusz Owsiany, who started MPMTeam as a solo project fueled by his passion for creation. Over time, it evolved into a professional team effort as Owsiany brought together a group of hardworking, skillful young individuals. Today, MPMTeam boasts a diverse team, including CEO & Founder Mateusz Owsiany, Co-Founder & Project Manager Paulina Bogińczuk, and specialists in 3D design, animation, graphic design, and motion graphics. This team works collaboratively to deliver high-quality 3D animations and metaverse strategies that meet the evolving needs of their global clientele.

MPMTeam’s mission is to create visually pleasing, meaningful, and successful 3D animated advertisements for clients worldwide. The agency emphasizes the importance of good communication and connecting with clients, striving to provide fresh perspectives on advertising and an understanding of what potential clients look for in their campaigns. MPMTeam’s approach is characterized by a blend of marketing savvy, technological expertise, and a constant drive for professional growth, ensuring that they offer the highest quality services to their clients.