Noble Steed Games Noble Steed Games

Phone(02) 8031 7726
Address:Suite 13/50, Reservoir Street, Surry Hills

Noble Steed Games is an independent game studio and consultancy based in Sydney, Australia, founded on July 27, 2017, by a collective of four passionate game designers. Initially working as colleagues at No Moss, a tech consultancy, they transitioned to form Noble Steed Games, sponsored by No Moss. The company prides itself on its dedication to making games accessible to everyone, exploring a wide variety of game types and platforms, including mobile, Nintendo Switch, AR/VR, arcade cabinets, and feature phones. Noble Steed Games has collaborated with local studios like SMG Studios and DragonBear Studios, and has worked on projects such as Sea-Monkeys®: Zen Aquarium, A Tale of Paper, and other multiplayer games. The team has grown to eight members and continues to focus on developing engaging and excellent games. They have received recognition for their work, including awards like “Reuben Moorhouse – 30 Under 30 in ANZ Game Development” in February 2019 and “Duped – Best Puzzle Games at PAX 2017” in November 2017.