NotionTheory NotionTheory

Address:1875 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington
United States

NotionTheory is an award-winning creative studio based in Miami, known for pushing technical and creative limits in various industries. With over 9 years of experience, the company has played a significant role in building industry-changing software, focusing on a wide array of technologies including Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, Animation, Computer Vision, Real-time 3D, Augmented Reality, Biometrics, Motion Capture, Eye Tracking, Intelligent Agents, Games, Machine Learning, Web, Mobile, and Cloud technologies. NotionTheory’s work has empowered over 10 million users across more than 20 markets globally, with applications in healthcare, transportation, simulation, entertainment, and industrial sectors.

The company prides itself on its culture of balancing aesthetics, functionality, and emotional resonance to create experiences that are effective, emotionally appealing, and visually pleasing. They emphasize the importance of the experience as the end result of their engineering solutions, whether it’s software, games, films, simulations, or products. NotionTheory believes that quantity leads to quality and prioritizes rapid ideation to uncover imaginative ideas that have the potential to transform the world. Their client list includes notable names such as Intel, FedEx, AT&T, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Dell, Unity, HTC, Magic Leap, Samsung, Deloitte, MIT, Princeton, and many more, showcasing their broad impact and recognition in the industry.