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Phone+370 617 67 203
Address:Vilnius Tech Park, Antakalnio St. 17, Vilnius LT-10312, Lithuania, Vilnius

Nsocial is a Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) agency established in 2012, specializing in creating immersive and enriched experiences through storytelling. The company leverages technologies such as VR, AR, 360-degree video production, and gamification to serve various sectors including marketing, corporate learning, tourism, and municipalities. Nsocial differentiates itself by integrating digital and physical experiences (phygital) and utilizing web-based AR (webAR) and Google AR for innovative marketing and training solutions. With operations in countries like Lithuania, Czech Republic, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Nsocial aims to transform digital interactions into memorable experiences by focusing on creativity, digital transformation, and the art of storytelling.