PaleBlue PaleBlue

Phone+47 56 91 22 12
Address:Lagerveien 9, Stavanger

PaleBlue is a company based in Stavanger, Norway, specializing in the development of Virtual Reality applications, simulators, and interactive solutions. With a focus on immersive technologies, PaleBlue offers client-centric solutions aimed at improving efficiency, safety, and training across various industries, including HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment), energy, oil & gas, renewables, subsea, diving, construction, lifting, healthcare, and biotech. The company prides itself on its team achievements, creativity, curiosity, honesty, responsibility, and high-quality standards. PaleBlue’s solutions are recognized and approved by world-leading trade organizations and institutions, making it a front-runner in its field. The company was established in 2013 by Virtech and Monotech and has been acknowledged for its contributions to the industry, including being named a Top 10 Simulator Company by CIO Magazine.