Paper Triangles Paper Triangles

Address:1340 E 6th Street #406, Los Angeles
United States

Paper Triangles is an AR (Augmented Reality) agency based in Los Angeles, specializing in creating immersive experiences for social platforms. Founded in 2016 by Frank Shi and Xuan Buddhavong, the company initially focused on developing virtual reality (VR) games and experiences. However, facing challenges with VR, including high development costs and a limited market, Paper Triangles pivoted to focus on developing AR lenses for Snapchat in early 2018. This shift proved successful, allowing the company to generate nearly $4 million in annual revenue by 2021 through collaborations with over 100 brands, including high-profile names like Adidas, Apple, and Sephora. Paper Triangles crafts strategy-driven content that helps businesses explore creative solutions in new media efficiently. The company employs a diverse team of creatives and offers services ranging from creative consultation to social media content and AR/VR solutions.