Predica Predica

Phone+48 884 774 451
Address:Altowa 2, Warszawa

Predica, originally a company specializing in leveraging technology to develop tailor-made solutions for clients, particularly in the areas of Microsoft Azure cloud migration, application modernization, and managed services, was founded in 2009. It established itself as a European provider and a Microsoft Partner, focusing on delivering cutting-edge business and technology solutions. On February 8th, 2022, Predica was acquired by SoftwareONE, a global leader in software and cloud portfolio management. SoftwareONE is redefining how companies build, buy, and manage their cloud and software estates, helping clients migrate, modernize workloads, and manage software and cloud environments. This acquisition marks a new chapter for Predica as part of SoftwareONE, aiming to further enhance its offerings and expand its reach in providing innovative cloud and technology solutions.