Prographers Prographers

Address:Tadeusza 22, Warszawa

Prographers is a company specializing in the creation of 3D applications, with a focus on software development, including web and mobile apps, configurators, digital twins, VR and AR apps, and product design. They have a decade of experience utilizing technologies such as Unity, Unreal, and Three.js. Founded in 2016, the company is led by Grzegorz Bukowski as the Chief Executive Officer, Tomasz Juszczak as the Chief Technical Officer, and Maciej Bukowski as the Chief Design Officer. Prographers has been recognized for its achievements, including being selected for the Unreal Engine Best Looking Commercial App by Epic Games in 2019, named one of the most innovative startups in Eastern Europe by Start Up Hub in 2017, and becoming an official Meta (Oculus) ISV developer in 2020. The company prides itself on its commitment to strengthening partnerships and reaching new peaks, with a clientele that includes various trusted brands.