Raconteur Animation Raconteur Animation

Address:106 E 6th St #900-202, Austin
United States

Raconteur Animation is a specialized 3D animation company based in Austin, Texas, dedicated to assisting disruptive technology and industrial hardware companies in launching new products. They focus on creating compelling narratives through stunning CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) product movies that highlight the customer-centric benefits of products, ensuring that the target audience comprehends the significant impact these products can have. Their work is particularly aimed at making complex, innovative technologies understandable and appealing to C-suite prospects and markets that are often difficult to penetrate due to the technical nature of the products. Raconteur Animation’s services are designed to cut through the noise of everyday business communications, leveraging the psychology of decision-making to create attention-grabbing sales tools that outperform traditional marketing methods like phone calls and emails. Their approach not only helps companies stand out from competitors by demonstrating innovation and a forward-looking mindset but also emphasizes the real-world impact of their products from the customer’s perspective. Raconteur Animation caters to a wide range of technologies including robotics, aerospace, nanotech, solar energy, and 3D printing, among others.