REC Infotech REC Infotech

Address:ECity Phase 1, Bengaluru

REC Infotech, officially known as REC INFOTECH Services Private Limited, is a dynamic company based in Tamil Nadu, India. It specializes in a broad range of IT services, digital media, and embarks on new ventures within innovative entertainment and organized consumer retail sectors. The company is particularly recognized as one of the leading organizations in Augmented Reality (AR) development, leveraging top-notch tools and methodologies to create highly immersive experiences. Additionally, REC Infotech has expertise in software development, with a specialization in Unity3D-based games and applications, offering immersive technology solutions. Established as part of Gen Engineering Services Pvt Ltd since 2013, REC Infotech continues to expand its services and influence across various industries, including significant collaborations with top pharmaceutical companies to support their commercial and medical plans.