Address:Niedźwiedzia 19/3, Warszawa

RTE Global appears to be a company that specializes in the application of virtual reality (VR) and mobile technology solutions across various industries. They have developed VR platforms for employee training in the hospitality industry, such as for hotels, to enhance customer service and hotel performance. Their VR solutions are used for training simulations, virtual hotel tours, and to foster empathy among employees by allowing them to experience different job roles within the hotel environment.

Additionally, RTE Global has created mobile applications for shopping malls, aiming to improve the shopping experience for customers and the operational efficiency for retailers. Their mobile app uses Beacon technology to provide easy navigation within shopping malls, targeted advertising, and contextual information about offers and sales directly to users’ mobile devices. The app also includes features like finding empty parking spaces, creating shopping routes, and analyzing customer traffic and behavior.

In summary, RTE Global is a technology company that leverages VR and mobile app solutions to enhance customer experiences and operational efficiencies in the hospitality and retail sectors.