SciVista Inc SciVista Inc

Address:2778 Agua Fria Street #4, Santa Fe
United States

SciVista, Inc. is a company that specializes in developing advanced data visualization platforms. Their primary product, SummitVR, is a cloud-based tool designed to facilitate collaborative data sharing and interaction in a virtual reality (VR) environment. This innovative platform allows multiple users to come together to view, analyze, and manipulate data in a truly immersive setting, enhancing the way businesses interact with complex data sets.

Operating out of Santa Fe, New Mexico, SciVista focuses on integrating VR and 3D visualization technologies to provide unique solutions for data analysis. The company aims to transform business workflows by offering better data insights through their software platforms, which are tailored to expand upon existing business processes.

In addition to its core offerings, SciVista has engaged in various funding rounds, including an Incubator/Accelerator round in May 2020, and has raised a total of $1 million over three funding events. The company competes in the growing industry of AI-based data analytics and visualization, positioning itself alongside other innovators in the field.