Phone+44 20813 39192
Address:2 Woodberry Grove, London
N12 0DR
United Kingdom

SDNA Tech is a dynamic and innovative software development company founded by Gaurav Narang in the United Kingdom in 2010. With a team size of 100-199 employees, SDNA Tech specializes in providing a wide range of IT solutions, including blockchain development, Metaverse development solutions, Dapp development, software, web, and mobile application development, as well as DevOps services. The company prides itself on its strong commitment to client satisfaction, delivering scalable, dependable, and consumer-appealing digital products. Over the years, SDNA Tech has established itself as one of the leading companies in the blockchain and web 3.0 domains, working with some of the best brands and even Fortune 500 companies. Their expertise in Ethereum, NFT development, and blockchain technology has been particularly noted, making them a preferred partner for projects in these areas.