Sensorama Sensorama

Address:Dorohozhytska str. 1, Kyiv

Sensorama is an immersive technologies company that specializes in the development of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications, as well as 3D modeling, animation, and 360 video production. They have completed over 100 projects across various sectors, including real estate, industrial, energy, education, and art institutions. Sensorama also operates an academy, which was the first to offer educational courses on VR and AR in Ukraine, aiming to train professionals for the growing market in these technologies.

The company is known for creating custom VR training programs that incorporate realistic 3D models and scenarios for both soft and hard skills development. Their portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, such as an AR application with Ukrainian singer Tina Karol, a Christmas VR performance, and a 360-degree video tour of a thermal power plant. Sensorama’s approach is human-centered, focusing on enhancing productivity by expanding human potential and ensuring that immersive technologies complement human abilities.

Sensorama’s headquarters are located in Newark, Delaware, with an R&D lab in Kyiv, Ukraine. They host events and community meetups to increase awareness of immersive technologies and have a track record of partnering with top conferences. The company has worked with Fortune 500 clients and is committed to a client-oriented approach, aiming to revolutionize businesses by identifying the best strategies for employee expertise extension.