Address:844 West St #200, Annapolis
United States

SIXGEN is a cybersecurity company specializing in a range of services designed to enhance network security and resilience. Their offerings include real-world adversarial attack simulations, penetration testing, and various assessments such as vulnerability scanning, phishing, wireless, web application, operating system security, and database assessments. They also provide data science services, leveraging programming languages, data analysis, machine learning tools, and visualization aids for advanced threat intelligence, particularly for Department of Defense (DoD) organizations and Intelligence Community agencies.

In addition to their cybersecurity services, SIXGEN develops technologies for both defense and exploitation through agile methods, resulting in tools like the RAVEN mobile cyber kit and the CRACKIN password cracking rig. They offer comprehensive training programs to prepare cybersecurity professionals and provide incident response capabilities to detect and respond to cyber threats. Their products, including the Remote Access Vulnerability Exploitation Node (RAVEN), are designed to meet the mission needs of cyber operators and threat intelligence analysts. SIXGEN is also an authorized reseller of Hack the Box, offering various hacking labs and training environments.