SmartTek Solutions SmartTek Solutions

Address:71, Heroiv UPA Street, L’viv

SmartTek Solutions is a custom software development company that specializes in delivering a wide range of technology solutions to its clients. The company offers services in AR/VR development, mobile development for iOS and Android platforms, cloud development, and custom Odoo development, which includes integration, migration, and consultancy services. SmartTek Solutions is recognized for its ability to create innovative tech solutions that contribute to their clients’ success, with a focus on immersive experiences and flexible cloud technologies.

The company operates globally and has a presence in the United States, Ukraine, Romania, and Poland, with a mission to deliver intelligent and smart solutions leveraging cutting-edge technologies and talented people across the globe[2]. SmartTek Solutions has a diverse portfolio that includes working with Fortune 500 organizations and startups across various industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, FinTech, and more.

SmartTek Solutions prides itself on its dedicated team service, which covers every stage of the development process, and its commitment to meeting client requirements with high-quality, effective, and time-saving solutions. The company has been recognized for its excellence in AR & VR development and ERP solutions, winning awards such as the 2023 Clutch AR & VR Development and ERP Awards.

In summary, SmartTek Solutions is a dynamic and innovative software development company with a global reach, offering a range of services from AR/VR and mobile development to cloud and Odoo solutions, all while focusing on delivering smart and effective results for their clients.