StoryMode LLC StoryMode LLC

Phone+48 792548978
Address:Aleja Jana PAWLA II 43A /37B, 01-001, Warszawa

StoryMode LLC is a game development studio based in Warsaw, Poland. Founded in 2018, the company is composed of a team of talented programmers and artists who share a passion for creating games. They specialize in both AAA and AA game development, utilizing efficient Unity and Unreal Engine 4 (and 5) technologies[5]. StoryMode has a track record of working on large-scale enterprise projects, including for some of the largest real estate developers in Dubai, and has been a key partner in managing the Ikonospace platform, which is a tool for architects to build Virtual Reality experiences. The company has also been instrumental in the success of multiplayer server functionality for games such as Bullet Force and Forward Assault, handling issues, preventing hackers, and monitoring server performance.