Torq Labs Torq Labs

Address:office #104 Plot 11 F Mohammad Ali Society, Karachi

Torq Labs is a company focused on the development of multi-sensor wearable technology designed to enhance athlete safety and performance. Their innovative products include smart technology athletic and training clothing equipped with up to 10 lightweight, low-power sensors. These sensors are capable of measuring any activity in any environment, providing joint-specific data analytics from up to 12 points of data collection without the need for bulky straps or battery packs. The technology is tailored for individual use, clubs, and sports teams, offering a non-intrusive, wireless solution that fits athletes of all shapes and sizes due to its wear-resistant, stretchable, high-quality material. Torq Labs also emphasizes secure data sharing among athletes, coaches, and medical professionals, aiming to reduce re-injury rates by improving return-to-play rehabilitation processes. The company is motivated by a commitment to athlete safety, performance improvement, and contributing to the science of human kinematics. Torq Labs is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, and operates within the biotechnology research industry, employing a team of 2-10 people.