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Travancore Analytics (TA) is a bespoke software development company that has been providing full-cycle technology solutions globally since its inception in 2007. With a focus on innovation as the cornerstone of its success, TA has evolved from a software development firm to a trusted partner in digital transformation for industry leaders. The company offers a wide array of services, including Software Product Engineering, Testing as a Service, Rapid Prototyping, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development, AR/VR Development Services, Embedded Systems, IoT, Test Automation, E-commerce, Geo-spatial Information Systems, AI/ML, Accessibility, and more.

TA’s team comprises over 1000 professionals worldwide, delivering customized solutions tailored to specific business needs and challenges. Their client base is diverse, spanning the United States, Australia, Japan, the Middle East, Europe, and South Asia, and covers industries such as education, media, sports, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail.

The company is also committed to environmental protection, leveraging GIS, AI, and IoT technologies to create innovative planned evacuation solutions during forest fires and other disasters. Additionally, TA is dedicated to social transformation, working to improve lives through technological advancements for marginalized communities, including digital accessibility solutions for the differently-abled and AR/VR-enabled E-Learning solutions. In healthcare, TA has developed Diagnostic Aids, Clinical Analysis Tools, Patient Care and Welfare Systems, and health monitors, aligning with WHO’s ‘One Health’ approach.

Travancore Analytics has a history of significant milestones, including becoming a subcontractor for the US Federal Government, a solution partner for ISRO and the Indian Navy, and establishing new development centers in India and Canada. The company has also been recognized as a preferred vendor for a major Fortune 500 company.