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Phone(530) 638-0043
Address:Jackson 881, Montevideo

Treeview Studio is a high-end boutique development studio based in Montevideo, Uruguay, specializing in creating immersive experiences through game development and augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. With over eight years of experience, Treeview Studio offers AR/VR software development services to enterprise clients and has a portfolio of more than 30 satisfied customers. The studio prides itself on being at the forefront of the VR revolution, with a young and energetic team of developers and artists who bring creativity and innovative thinking to their projects.

Treeview Studio has worked on a variety of client projects across different VR/AR/MR platforms, including Microsoft Hololens, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, ARKit, ARCore, GearVR, Daydream, and Moverio. They have also developed their own VR game, Alchemist Defender VR, and are continuously exploring new ideas for future games that integrate the latest interactive technologies.

The studio’s mission is to become leaders in the virtual reality space, and they describe themselves as “Architects of Reality,” aiming to create and share new experiences through the power of immersive technology.