Trois Prime Trois Prime

Address:9 ter Rue Auguste Barbier, Paris

Trois Prime is a digital healthcare agency that specializes in creating innovative and engaging digital experiences for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Here’s a brief overview of the company:

Trois Prime has been operating since 2005, designing unique and memorable digital experiences for healthcare professionals, patients, and pharmaceutical companies.They are an independent boutique agency focused on medical and marketing communication in the life sciences sector.

The company develops creative initiatives and solutions for marketing and medical affairs teams, aiming to foster meaningful engagement with healthcare professionals, patients, and internal teams.Their team comprises former industry members, brand managers, commercial excellence managers, product managers, and healthcare consultants who bring a wealth of expertise.

Trois Prime excels in delivering captivating experiences across various platforms, including face-to-face events, congresses, and social media. They leverage innovative technologies to create unparalleled moments for their audiences. With a strong foundation in innovation and technological vigilance, they strive to outshine with imaginative concepts.

The company has a registered office in the United Kingdom and operates globally, with a subsidiary called B’Rain focused on the Middle East and Africa regions.Trois Prime is recognized as a digital health company providing digital strategies and solutions to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.