Turiya Turiya

Address:#1873, Level 3, 11th Main Road, 38th A Cross, Jayanagar 4th T Block, Bengaluru, KA, India., Bengaluru

Turiyatree Technologies specializes in providing innovative digital products and solutions aimed at empowering the growth and transformation of its clients. Located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Turiyatree integrates principles from Hindu philosophy and the symbolism of a blossoming tree into its approach to engineering digital solutions. The company offers a range of services including software product engineering, data architecture, business intelligence, and visualization. They employ advanced analytics and machine learning to solve complex problems and transform raw data into actionable insights. Turiyatree Technologies is also known for its Turiyaforms app, which allows users to create and distribute surveys and quizzes, enhancing engagement through interactive and user-friendly formats.