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Address:310 Vihav Supremus, Gotri, Vadodara

Twin Reality Technologies is an innovative company based in India, specializing in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) solutions. Founded on June 28, 2020, as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), the company has quickly established itself as a leader in immersive technology, aiming to revolutionize how businesses and individuals interact with the world around them.

The founders of Twin Reality Technologies bring a blend of technical and marketing expertise, driven by the vision to provide customized AR/VR solutions that help small and medium businesses stand out in the market.

Their services are designed to enhance various applications, including training processes, marketing campaigns, and entertainment, by creating engaging and innovative experiences.

Twin Reality Technologies is not just focused on AR and VR development but also on building components for the metaverse, including 3D virtual spaces, NFT marketplaces, metaverse applications, and decentralized platforms. Their expertise extends to blockchain technology, further enriching the virtual worlds they create.

The company offers a range of immersive experiences, such as forklift simulation for trainees, WebGL-based art galleries, real estate visualization through VR headsets, and safety and inspection-based training. These solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients, combining creative design, innovative technology, and a deep understanding of user behavior.

In addition to its core offerings, Twin Reality Technologies also provides virtual event solutions to accommodate the modern hybrid event landscape, featuring 3D immersive platforms, live streaming, and audience involvement. This approach allows them to blend the best aspects of in-person and online event experiences.

Overall, Twin Reality Technologies stands out for its commitment to delivering cutting-edge AR and VR solutions, its focus on customized services for diverse industries, and its pioneering role in the development of metaverse components.