Under Reality Under Reality

Phone+31 (0)20 30 86 100
Address:Gerard Doustraat 246 – 248BG, Amsterdam
1073 XD

Under Reality does not appear to have a detailed description available in the search results provided. The search results seem to be more focused on EON Reality and Reality Labs, which are different entities. EON Reality is a global leader in virtual and augmented reality solutions, particularly in the field of Spatial AI training, and has been in operation for over 25 years. Reality Labs, on the other hand, is a division of Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook Inc.) that produces virtual reality headsets and online platforms.

Without specific information on Under Reality, I cannot provide a detailed description of the company. If Under Reality is related to EON Reality or Reality Labs, the descriptions above apply. Otherwise, more information or a different search query would be needed to accurately describe Under Reality.