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Address:950 Queen St W, Toronto
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UP360 is a technology company that specializes in creating virtual reality (VR)-based training simulations aimed at revolutionizing the way organizations train employees and educate career seekers. The company leverages the power of VR to provide immersive, interactive, and entertaining learning experiences that are designed to engage students and trainees in a manner far removed from traditional teaching methods. UP360’s approach to education and training is rooted in the belief that learning should not only be effective but also exciting, catering to individuals with different learning abilities and needs.

The team at UP360 consists of game developers, storytellers, artists, and technologists who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of learning and virtual reality. They utilize insights from game design, education, and storytelling to create hands-on learning experiences that are both fun and educational. UP360’s services are targeted at a wide range of clients, including colleges, associations, not-for-profits, and corporations across North America, helping them to design, develop, and implement VR learning simulations that bring a new dimension to education and training.