Phone+44 (0)1482 464 943
Address:Enterprise Centre University of Hull – Cottingham Road, Hull
United Kingdom

VISR VR is a dynamic company based in Hull, United Kingdom, specializing in the development of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. Established in 2014, VISR VR has quickly positioned itself as a leader in the AR/VR industry, contributing significantly to the field with its innovative solutions. The company’s flagship Vertx platform is renowned for its powerful visual communication tools, which facilitate seamless collaboration throughout the creative process, from clients to designers. With a focus on creating immersive, narrative-driven experiences, VISR VR aims to revolutionize learning and storytelling through the development of metaverse technologies. The company boasts a diverse portfolio of cutting-edge products delivered to a global clientele and has gained recognition for its contributions to XR innovation, particularly in the North of England. At the helm of VISR VR are founder Louis Deane, a visionary behind the company’s Metaverse Platform, and CEO Oliver Nicoll, who brings extensive experience in the technology sector to drive the company’s commercial success. VISR VR’s commitment to innovation, coupled with its world-class team of specialists, underscores its mission to innovate multi-reality experiences for everyone, everywhere, anytime.