VReal Solutions VReal Solutions

Address:Toronto, Toronto

VReal Solutions is a Toronto-based marketing agency founded in 2019, specializing in innovative developments within the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) spaces. With a team of fewer than 10 employees, they offer a range of services including AR/VR development, social media marketing, and mobile and app marketing. The company caters to a diverse clientele, focusing on industries such as retail, advertising, and IT services. Their client base is evenly distributed among small businesses, midmarket companies, and large enterprises.

VReal Solutions has successfully executed projects that demonstrate their expertise in AR/VR development. For instance, they developed VR listings for, a real estate startup, using Matterport technology and built AR tools for real estate agents to showcase different property features. Another notable project involved creating a custom AR Instagram filter for a Samsung retailer, which significantly increased traffic flow, sales revenue, and product engagement. They also developed a custom Instagram filter for a large Canadian coffee retailer, enhancing brand engagement and user-generated content on the platform. These projects highlight VReal Solutions’ ability to deliver impactful AR/VR solutions with excellent project management and communication.