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Address:Chornovola 20, Kyiv

WE/AR Studio is an innovative AR/VR development company founded in 2016, based in Tallinn, Estonia. The company specializes in creating custom augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions aimed at driving business growth, enhancing brand awareness, and boosting brand loyalty. WE/AR Studio focuses on developing immersive experiences that improve data visualization, product interaction, and conduct effective VR training. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including rapid prototyping to help businesses test their AR/VR ideas, development of functional models, content creation and implementation, and thorough QA testing and project release. The company prides itself on working closely with clients throughout all stages of XR development and continues to support projects post-completion.

WE/AR Studio’s tech arsenal is designed to identify and solve specific business problems, setting clear goals and selecting the most effective methods to understand and engage target audiences. Their process involves brainstorming to generate and refine ideas, defining the development lifecycle, and providing detailed project assessments. The company’s expertise spans across developing apps and solutions with augmented, mixed, and virtual reality technologies for mobile platforms (iOS, Android), eyewear devices, and more, enabling businesses to enhance their marketing, sales, education, training, advertising, and event experiences.

The core values of WE/AR Studio include passion, trustworthiness, and courage, which have shaped the company’s corporate culture and drive their commitment to building the future of XR (extended reality). The team, led by co-founders Daria Fedko (CEO) and Evheniy Fedko (COO), is composed of experienced professionals dedicated to developing meaningful XR solutions with high ROI that deliver real value and are business-friendly.