YITEC Research And Technology Development Co.LTD YITEC Research And Technology Development Co.LTD

Phone+84 24 7109 9234
Address:F23, Leadvisors Tower, 643  Phạm Văn Đồng, Hanoi

YITEC Research And Technology Development Co.LTD is a technology company based in Hanoi, Vietnam, specializing in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) applications and IT solutions. With over eight years of experience, YITEC has established itself as a leader in researching and developing cutting-edge technologies, including AI, web applications, and cloud computing. The company offers research and development (R&D) services in two main packages, catering to a diverse range of technological needs. YITEC is known for its focus on creating technological solutions for businesses, employing a team of skilled researchers and engineers dedicated to innovation and excellence.

Headquartered in the iconic Leadvisor Tower in Hanoi’s Bac Tu Liem District, YITEC operates with a competitive developer labor rate in Vietnam, leveraging the country’s talented and creative workforce to serve both businesses and government entities. The company’s size ranges from 11 to 50 employees, indicating a focused yet versatile team capable of handling various projects and challenges in the tech industry.

YITEC’s commitment to AI research and development is evident in its offerings, which include AI technology R&D and consulting services. The company aims to assist clients in navigating the complexities of AI technology, regardless of their budget, showcasing its dedication to making advanced technology accessible to a wider audience. As a testament to its expertise and capabilities, YITEC is recognized among the best AI companies in Vietnam, offering smart AI development solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the tech landscape.