Zensoft Zensoft

Address:1355 Market Street, suite 488, San Francisco
United States
Category is a custom software development company that prides itself on delivering software solutions on time and within budget. The company employs over 170 professionals and caters to a diverse clientele, including notable startups from Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies. specializes in building products, not just software, and is committed to partnering with clients to create impactful products using modern technology stacks, innovative design, and a deep understanding of user needs.

The company leverages a Continuous Delivery approach to produce software in short cycles, enhancing this process with machine learning to reduce costs and delivery time. Their proprietary system uses predictive analysis to adjust delivery timelines as tasks are added to the backlog, ensuring accurate timelines and predictable release cycles. was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company operates in the Information Technology and Services industry and reports annual revenues between $10 million to $25 million.’s services are highly regarded, as evidenced by their ranking in the Top 5 of San Francisco AI Developers and their record-breaking achievements in blockchain payment infrastructure with Open Platform.