Guitar Rock VR Mixtame Volume 2 released

Drums Rock Unveils Legendary Mix Vol. 2 Featuring Green Day

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In an exciting update for virtual reality music enthusiasts, Drums Rock has launched its latest DLC, Legendary Mix Vol. 2, featuring iconic tracks from the legendary punk rock band Green Day. This new addition promises to elevate the gaming experience by allowing players to engage with some of the band’s most famous songs like “American Idiot” and “Holiday” in a dynamic and immersive VR environment.

A New Era of VR Drumming

Drums Rock, known for its unique blend of music gaming and arcade action, allows players to literally beat the demons out of their path with their drumsticks, syncing hits to the rhythm of rock music. This game diverges from traditional VR music games by eliminating floating drums and sheet music, offering a more intuitive and engaging gameplay experience that appeals to both seasoned musicians and casual players alike.

What’s New in Legendary Mix Vol. 2?

The latest DLC not only includes fan-favorite Green Day songs but also introduces several gameplay enhancements and new features:

  • Enhanced Gameplay: Players can expect new levels and challenges specifically designed to match the intensity and style of Green Day’s music.
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements: The update includes fixes for various minor bugs, ensuring a smoother and more stable gaming experience.
  • Exclusive Content: Alongside the music, players can unlock new cosmetic items and additional songs through campaign and challenge modes.

Availability and Pricing

Legendary Mix Vol. 2 is now available for purchase on multiple platforms including Steam and the PlayStation Store, priced at $7.95 and NT$150.00 respectively. For those new to Drums Rock, a free demo is available, providing a taste of the high-energy drumming action that awaits in the full game.

Community and Future Updates

The release has been met with enthusiasm from the Drums Rock community, with players expressing excitement over the inclusion of Green Day, a band that has significantly influenced the punk rock genre. The developers have hinted at more content in the future, continuing their commitment to enhancing the game and broadening its musical horizons.


With its latest DLC, Drums Rock continues to push the boundaries of VR music gaming, providing fans with an exhilarating way to experience the hits of Green Day. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the band or new to the world of VR drumming, Legendary Mix Vol. 2 offers a fresh and thrilling way to engage with music and gaming in a uniquely immersive setting. Get ready to rock out and beat down some demons in what promises to be a legendary addition to the Drums Rock lineup.

In the description below you could read about:

Drums Rock VR

“Drums Rock” is a virtual reality (VR) arcade drum game that immerses players in a rock music experience unlike any other. In this game, players follow the rock rhythm with their drums to battle and crush demons, where each note is represented by an enemy. The game offers a unique campaign featuring various levels, challenges, songs, and worlds, allowing players to feel like rock stars while smashing hordes of demons to the rhythm of rock music. Developed by Garage51, creators of “Demon Blade,” “Drums Rock” aims to pay tribute to both classic and modern rock history, moving away from techno music to celebrate rock’s greatness. The game combines elements of music games with arcade/hordes games, set in a fantastic and punk world designed to make players feel like true rockers in VR. With immersive and punk graphics, original rock music, arcade drums without sheet music or floating drums, and a variety of special modes and trials, “Drums Rock” offers an innovative concept in musical games. Players can unlock cosmetics and songs in Campaign and Challenge mode, enjoy intuitive gameplay suitable for everyone without dizziness, and experience the thrill of rock n’ roll at advanced levels. The game also features haptic, visual, and audible feedback on every drum beat, enhancing the ARCADE feeling.

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