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“Dungeon Full Dive: Player Edition” Goes Free-to-Play with Exciting Chapter 3 Update

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In a significant update that is sure to delight fans of tabletop role-playing games, the “Dungeon Full Dive: Player Edition” has officially launched its third chapter, introducing a host of new features, improvements, and a shift to a free-to-play model starting April 12, 2024.

About Dungeon Full Dive: Player Edition Game

Dungeon Full Dive: Player Edition is a virtual tabletop RPG developed and published by TxK Gaming Studios, designed to immerse players in their own custom-created campaigns. Set to release via Steam Early Access on April 12, 2024, this edition will be available for free. It allows players to join online games initiated by those owning the Game Master Edition. Additionally, players can experiment with game master tools offline and craft a limited selection of miniatures, characters, and maps. The game supports the creation of 5e characters and miniatures, alongside the design of unique maps for exploration. Dungeon Full Dive can be played using either a mouse and keyboard or VR, and it features cross-play support, enabling a broad range of players to participate in the adventure.

A Thank You to the Community

The developers of “Dungeon Full Dive” have expressed their gratitude to the gaming community for their ongoing support, which has been instrumental in shaping the game’s development. The latest update, Chapter 3, is a testament to the valuable feedback provided by players, and the team is eager to showcase the enhancements that have been integrated into the game.

Free Player Edition

Marking a new chapter in accessibility, “Dungeon Full Dive: Player Edition” is now available for free download. This move allows all players to experience the game without any initial cost, a decision that aligns with the developers’ vision of making the game more accessible to a broader audience.

What’s New in Chapter 3?

New Features

  • Miniature Overview List: Game Masters (GMs) can now effortlessly manage miniatures on the table with features like location jumping, HP tracking, character sheet access, and more. For non-GM players, the list is automatically filtered to show only party members.
  • New Healthbar System: Health bars are now displayed in tabletop mode when hovering over a miniature, with customizable settings for GMs to control what players can see.
  • Undo/Redo Tool for Mapbuilder: A highly requested feature, the Undo/Redo Tool, has been added to the mapbuilder, allowing for the reversal of map building actions.
  • Customizable World & Player View: Players can now choose to hide the table and/or other players to suit their preferences.

Improved Code Modding Support

The game’s coding backend has transitioned from IL2CPP to Mono, enhancing mod support. A new wiki has also been created to guide players on how to mod “Dungeon Full Dive”.

New Music and Assets

  • Dynamic Tavern Music: A new song with varying intensity levels has been added to the soundboard for GMs to use.
  • New Wizard Outfit: A wizard outfit with multiple new pieces is now available for humanoid species.
  • Dragonborn Enhancements: Six clothing sets, eight eye sets, and two horn sets have been added for Dragonborn characters.
  • Exclusive Dice Sets: New dice sets, including the “Game Master” and “Lorekeeper” sets, have been introduced.

Additional Improvements and Bug Fixes

The update also includes a redesigned main menu, improved terraforming tools, new sound effects, and various bug fixes to enhance the overall gameplay experience.


“Dungeon Full Dive: Player Edition” continues to evolve with its community-driven approach, and the release of Chapter 3 is a clear indication of the developers’ commitment to providing a rich and immersive tabletop gaming experience. With the game now free-to-play, it’s an opportune time for new adventurers to join the fray and for seasoned players to dive back into the enhanced world of “Dungeon Full Dive.”

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