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Dungeons of Eternity New Patch Notes 1.0.3054

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In a recent update, the virtual reality role-playing game “Dungeons of Eternity” has received a massive patch notes, addressing numerous bugs and introducing significant improvements to various aspects of the gameplay experience.

Below we summarized the most important changes of the new patch. You can find the full list of all updates here.

Bug Fixes Lead the Way

Among the most notable changes are the extensive bug fixes that have taken place. Players will now find keys and potions far easier to pick up, and chest loot issues, including incorrect tiers, repeated weapon types, and erratic randomization, have been resolved. A common complaint about players falling during transitions into the Outpost or dungeons has also been successfully rectified.

Player-Related Fixes and Enhancements

Players will appreciate the restoration of player levels that had been erroneously reset after a dungeon run. Additionally, issues such as players getting stuck in the air while waiting for rescue and broken hands have been effectively addressed. A pink avatar glitch has been resolved, offering a more immersive experience to gamers. Furthermore, players can now run into locked rooms through the locked portal if they are outside the room, enhancing overall gameplay fluidity.

Movement and Dungeon Improvements

The patch brings critical movement improvements to the game, fixing exploits related to teleportation through gates and secret doors and addressing issues with teleport/blink locomotion. Gamers will also find navigating through rooms and climbing chains a more seamless experience with various improvements.

Enhanced Combat and Dungeon Gameplay

Combat enthusiasts will be pleased to know that parrying now works more consistently. Furthermore, the update addresses weapon materials and progression, providing better representation of weapon tiers and classes. Changes in the basic staff name to ‘melee staff’ aim to reduce confusion about its abilities, while improvements have been made to dagger damage.

Improvements Across the Board

In addition to bug fixes and player-focused improvements, the update introduces various quality-of-life enhancements. Multiplayer functionality has been enhanced with a new invite button and optimized network bandwidth for smoother performance. Players can now rotate their camera view even when they’re dead. Progression has been improved, with automatic save game retries and notifications. Various settings changes, such as autorun, inventory button assignment, and voice chat repair options, have been added for player convenience.

Balancing and Potion Changes

The update also brings significant rebalancing of enemies, including reduced respawn times for Uber Mages, adjustments to Octoculus health, and changes to the Wasp Boss’s speed and attack damage. Weapon materials have been revised to better represent tiers and weapon classes, addressing player feedback.

Potions have also seen changes, with an expanded AOE radius for Resurrection potions, and a Large Health potion will no longer resurrect a player. The bomb potion no longer inflicts friendly fire or self-damage to players.

Visual and Miscellaneous Enhancements

Lastly, the patch brings a range of visual improvements, such as enhanced explosion and torch effects. Support for Quest 3 battery saver mode and forced 72fps visuals has been added to prevent slow-motion physics.

Players express an opinion that some weapons need a damage buff as right now the crossbow is way ahead from the bow and the rest ranged weapons. Also bashing with shields seems to be kind of unusable as they often offer not substantial enough damage. Some hidden stats need to be reviewed (for example, how much damage they do and the element type).

In addition to everything said and based on the information in X and Reddit, we can easily conclude that the patch is well received by the audience. Some players have expressed their frustration with the problem that the game crushes on Meta Quest 2. Also, the community is eager to receive improvements on the multiplayer mode as well as an update which adds additional language options.

Overall, the patch offers good game fixes of some bugs and provides qualities of life for better gameplay!

This comprehensive update demonstrates the development team’s commitment to delivering a polished and engaging VR RPG experience in “Dungeons of Eternity.” With a plethora of bug fixes, gameplay enhancements, and rebalancing, players can look forward to an even more immersive and enjoyable adventure.

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