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EA Sports Unveils Groundbreaking Features in Upcoming F1® 24 Game with Max Verstappen’s Development Input

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EA Sports has officially announced exciting new features for its upcoming release, F1® 24, set to revolutionize the virtual Formula 1 racing experience. Slated for release on May 31, 2024, the game promises to deliver an unprecedented level of realism and player engagement, thanks in part to the development support from reigning F1 champion, Max Verstappen.

Introducing EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling

The highlight of F1® 24 is the introduction of the EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling system, which represents the most significant physics overhaul in the history of Codemasters’ F1® series. This new feature allows players’ driving styles to directly influence their on-track performance, creating new strategic dimensions and racing opportunities.

The system incorporates a brand-new suspension kinematics model that enhances the realistic feel of the cars. Players can expect a more authentic sense of weight distribution and center of gravity, which varies in response to different loads and corner types. This advancement not only improves the driving experience but also expands the flexibility in car setups, allowing players to fine-tune their vehicles based on the specific demands of each track and their personal driving preferences.

Enhanced Tyre and Aerodynamic Models

F1® 24 also introduces significant improvements to the tyre model. The game features a new temperature model that varies the carcass and surface temperatures based on several factors, including tyre pressures, ambient conditions, and driving style. This model affects tyre performance, especially in terms of wear and durability, challenging players to master their driving techniques to optimize tyre lifespan.

Moreover, the aerodynamics model has been upgraded using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to provide a more detailed simulation of how downforce is generated by the car’s wings and floor. This update offers a more nuanced experience of aerodynamic effects, such as slipstreaming and the impact of ‘dirty air’ when following another car closely.

Power Unit Customization and Strategy

Adding another layer of depth, F1® 24 allows greater control over the car’s power unit settings. The game introduces enhanced throttle maps and adjustable Energy Recovery System (ERS) deployment modes, including a more aggressive Overtake mode. These features give players more strategic tools to manage their car’s performance throughout the race, reflecting the real-life tactics used by F1 drivers.

Pre-Order Benefits and Upcoming Features

Players who pre-order the digital-exclusive Champions Edition by May 1 will gain early access starting May 28, along with exclusive in-game content such as 2024 liveries and special events inspired by Max Verstappen. Standard Edition pre-orders will also include bonus in-game currency and starter packs.

EA Sports has teased further announcements, promising a deep dive into the revamped Career mode and other new features in the coming weeks, ensuring that F1® 24 will be a comprehensive and thrilling experience for racing fans around the world.

About F1® 24

“F1® 24” is the official videogame of the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship™, developed by EA SPORTS™. It features an immersive racing experience with new gameplay elements and updated content. The game introduces new circuits, including the Las Vegas and Qatar tracks, and incorporates the use of Red Flags. A notable addition to “F1® 24” is the Braking Point 2 story mode, which offers players a narrative-driven experience within the game.

The game also includes the F1® World in-game hub, where players can engage with new challenges, improve their skills, unlock weekly rewards, and access Grand Prix-related content. With the Precision Drive™ controller technology, “F1® 24” aims to provide a more controlled and precise racing experience, especially for those using a game controller.

The F2™ 2023 Season Update is part of the game, featuring the latest cars and driver lineups. For fans looking to enhance their gameplay, the F1® 23 Champions Edition offers additional in-game items, including those designed by Max Verstappen, new My Team Racing icons, and virtual currency for in-game purchases.

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