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Echo VR has been many users’ introduction to VR gaming, as the title has garnered an abundance of positive reviews due to its innovative approach to movement in a VR environment. Players were set to play futuristic sports in zero gravity, which was further enhanced by locomotion designed especially for VR. For the first time, one could move through space with the use of their hands, which inspired the gameplay mechanics of other VR titles. Unfortunately, due to the declining number of players, Echo VR was discontinued in 2023. However, those still enticed by the game continued looking for similar experiences, which has proven to be harder than expected.

Here, we’ve made it easier for all fans of Echo VR by showcasing some of the best game alternatives to the infamous VR experience.

Hex VR

Hex VR is a groundbreaking virtual reality game developed by a team led by University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) aerospace student Abhay Purhohit, who serves as the COO, and Cade Gilbert, the CEO. The team is comprised of 30 volunteers of varying ages, with lead developers Blu and Stefan. Notably, Stefan is only fifteen years old but boasts over 5 years of coding experience. Currently in its beta phase, the game revolves around a captivating blend of steampunk and magic themes. It offers a range of game modes, including an arena where players can utilize their controllers to soar in a zero-gravity environment. Hex VR’s ambitious goal is to establish a competitive league within the game, aspiring to become a dominant force in the realm of VR sports.

Both Hex VR and Echo VR present players with a collection of multiplayer VR minigames immersed in a zero-gravity setting. Players can navigate through the air and engage in diverse game modes in both titles. This similarity in concept and gameplay creates an intriguing parallel between the two games, offering a unique experience for VR enthusiasts.

The early-access version of Hex VR can be played for free on Sidequest VR.

Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag is a multiplayer VR game centered on the simple concept of tagging each other in a primal tagging game, making it easy to learn and play. It provides a fun and interactive multiplayer VR experience with two main game modes: Infection and Hunt. In the Infection game, a Lava Monkey chases other players, turning them into Lava Monkeys once tagged. The game concludes when everyone is caught. In the Hunt game mode, players pursue a specific player while being hunted by another. When caught, players transform into an Ice Monkey with a slower movement speed.

Gorilla Tag drew inspiration from Echo VR’s movement system, and the studio behind Gorilla Tag, Another Axiom, is currently working on a project codenamed ‘Project A2,’ which is described as a spiritual successor to Echo VR. Both games feature arm-based locomotion in zero-gravity environments, emphasizing movement through the use of hands rather than traditional thumbstick controls.

You can get the game for free on the Meta Quest Store or pay $19.99 on SteamVR where it has the near perfect rating of 9/10 stars.

Racket NX

Racket NX is a virtual reality game that blends the fast-paced action of a sports game with the strategic depth of a puzzle game. Players step into the shoes of a racket-wielding avatar in a futuristic arena, where they must hit, bounce, and smash balls to score points and advance through levels. The game unfolds in a series of interconnected arenas, each boasting its unique layout and obstacles. Players must maneuver through these arenas while keeping an eye on the clock, as each level comes with a time limit. Adding to the challenge, the balls come in different colors, requiring players to hit them in the right sequence to clear them from the arena.

Racket NX provides a variety of gameplay modes, including a single-player campaign, multiplayer matches, and a practice mode for honing skills. The game’s physics-based mechanics deliver a realistic and immersive experience, complemented by vibrant graphics and an electronic soundtrack that enhance the futuristic theme.

Both Echo VR and Racket NX incorporate multiplayer elements, fast-paced gameplay, and physical activity, making them comparable in terms of immersive gameplay and competitive features.

Racket NX costs $19.99 and can be purchased from Meta Store, where it has a 4.7/5 star rating, or SteamVR, which has received 9/10 stars.

Space Ball

Space Ball VR overview

Space Ball is a VR game that blends sports with space exploration. It features basketball, football, and handball gameplay modes in an arena setting. The game is renowned for its unique movement mechanic, where players use their hands to leap across the arenas and dash into the rafters. It supports private and public matches with team selection options, online multiplayer, and AI bots with multiple difficulty settings. Space Ball also offers character customization, with various animal heads like cats, pigeons, and capybaras available. The arenas are filled with fans to bring matches to life. Moreover, the game features full voice chat with privacy settings.

Space Ball and Echo VR share similarities in their gameplay mechanics, especially in their use of arm-based locomotion in VR games.

The game is free to play on both SteamVR where it has received 8/10 stars and Meta Quest Store where it has a 4/5 star rating.

Nock VR

Nock is a multiplayer VR game that blends soccer and archery, developed by NormalVR and released in 2023 for PSVR 2. The game features bow and arrow soccer in various arenas, with matches ranging from 1v1 to 3v3. It can be played offline with bots or online with others. The gameplay is simple, with players moving around the arena on what feels like a hoverboard, using their left hand’s grip to move. Nock is designed for roomscale, standing, or sitting play areas.

The game has been praised for its smooth gameplay and minimalistic design, with sharp visuals and a native 90 fps frame rate.

While Echo VR is a zero-G game with arm-based locomotion, Nock VR does not have the same zero-G environment. However, it does incorporate arm-based locomotion through its movement system. Players can glide around the arena using the left controller to grip and launch at speed.

You can get Nock for $19.99 from both PSVR Store and SteamVR where it has a 9/10 star rating.


Underdogs VR is a traditional action RPG, offering a fantastic VR action experience that combines elements from Thrill of the Fight and Echo VR. It features a strong narrative delivery and theme, set in a unique post-apocalyptic world. The game utilizes an arm-based swinging locomotion movement system, providing players with a unique and intense gameplay experience. However, this movement system may not be suitable for those who struggle with artificial movement.

In Underdogs VR, players control a mech that moves by grabbing the ground and swinging their arms. There are various types of arms that players can wield, each bringing unique fighting styles to the game. The game’s story is straightforward yet engaging, with the story progression changing with each new run the player embarks on. The ultimate goal of each run is to reach the main city.

Players traverse through a series of smaller arena fights, battling against an array of mechanized foes before confronting an arena boss. In between battles, players are presented with a variety of options to help them prepare for the next fight. These options include buying parts and repairs, fixing elements of the next fight to gain advantages, and more.

Underdogs is priced at $29.99 and is available for purchase on Meta Quest Store where it has a 4.9/5 star rating and on SteamVR where it has received the perfect score of 10/10 stars.

Phantom: Covert Ops

Phantom: Covert Ops VR overview

Phantom: Covert Ops is a stealth action game available on Oculus Rift and Meta Quest platforms. The game is set in a gritty and authentic war arena, where players assume the role of an elite covert operative tasked with preventing all-out war in a single night. Playing from a tactical kayak, players can freely and stealthily navigate the water to evade and eliminate enemies. Phantom: Covert Ops features a complete campaign with multiple missions in a rich, expansive location, along with various modes, unlockables, and leaderboards.

The game provides a range of weapons and equipment to aid players in completing their missions, including military-grade weapons and stealth gear. Central to the gameplay are the stealth mechanics, encouraging players to move silently, sneak through reeds, and paddle beneath enemy walkways.

Despite belonging to different genres, both Echo VR and Phantom: Covert Ops share similarities in their innovative VR gameplay mechanics, especially in their locomotion systems.

Phantom: covert Ops can be purchased for $29.99 from Meta Quest Store where it has a 4.2/5 star rating.


Although Echo VR can still be played through a fan-created PCVR mod, those familiar with the title should be open to experimenting with alternative games, most of which have been heavily influenced by aspects of Echo VR. Even if some of the featured games may not seem like replicas of the zero gravity experience in Echo, they provide similar gameplay mechanics and push the boundaries of traditional movement in a virtual environment. This reason on its own makes these games worth trying out by anyone who cherishes innovative VR gameplay.

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