8 Educational GearVR Apps To Try in 2018
It's not just for gaming, folks!
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8 Educational GearVR Apps To Try in 2019

So you think it’s all about video games? Think again!

Virtual Reality is here, and with it follows the wave of demands that comes as a natural next step of any new emerging technology. True to Palmer Luckey’s initial vision for the Oculus, the gaming side of things has clearly been the demand most emphasized in the first few months of its inception. Gaming won’t be the only saving grace for this industry though, and informative experiences and educational GearVR apps have recently begun digging their claws into the main stream market, as several leaders have been looking to mobilize the tech for educational purposes:

  • At the Oculus Connect in San José, Oculus and Facebook committed 10 million dollars in investments for educational content creators.
  • Last year, the Obama administration launched a massive competition for Virtual and Augmented Reality developers to support career and technical education (The Edsim Challenge):

“I’m calling for investments in educational technology that will help create. . . educational software that’s as compelling as the best video game. I want you guys to be stuck on a video game that’s teaching you something other than just blowing something up.” – Barack Obama

Today, we’re going to be covering everything from new innovative journalism, art and biology to space exploration and ancient creatures from the Mesozoic era. It would seem like the wave of educational content is here, and we are happy to take a stroll through the library with you, as we have hand-pick the finest Educational GearVR apps currently online. Let’s take a look!


Samsung VR

To start things off, we’re taking a look at one of the most promising apps when it comes to the freshly formed cocktail of new-journalism and VR-based content. The New York Times have teamed up with the guys at Samsung to bring you a ground-breaking new app for your phone, that delivers a daily dose of 360° video straight to you smartphone, so you can experience the news like never before. Educational GearVR apps takes many shapes and sizes, and there’s a massive breadth of content available of all genres. For the ones out there interested in journalism and world news though – this one is a first-on-list download for you.

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A Journey into the Brain in VR – Unimersiv

Moving on to Unimersiv, one of the most prolific names in the educational VR space, and has almost become synonymous with quality content. Unimersiv has a large list of educational experiences available. They lives the philosophy that virtual reality is meant to be more – much more than figuring out how many bad guys can be gunned down before the bell rings you out.

With a massive library of educational GearVR apps in their wake, they’ve helped us explore the iconic ISS space station, re-visit the glory of the Titanic before the iceberg, and helped us have a rendezvous with ancient Rome.

“We want to make learning something new fun again so we built the first Virtual Reality learning platform to help students of all ages learn anything faster through virtual reality.” – Unimersiv

One of their latest experiences – “A Journey Into The Brain“, takes you on a guided tour throughout the most complex unit of the human anatomy, with guided narration and a calm flow. This is definitely worth checking out if you have any interest whatsoever in biology.

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Learn Languages VR

Moving on from educational GearVR apps of visiting ancient cultures and exploring the human brain, to something entirely different. It’s time to talk about language, and the way we learn to express and articulate ourselves. Learn Languages VR is a new and exciting way to learn language “from the comfort of your couch”.

If you want to learn a new language on-the-go, but don’t quite have the time to pack your bags and travel to whatever that destination might be, Learn Languages can help. The app itself presents you with realistic dialogues inspired from real life events, and contains to this day, 28 languages that you can pick up and take for a spin. You won’t be the first to do so either, as Mondly (the platform all this is built on) has a whopping 5+ million downloads on a global scale as of April 2017!

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Our Dinosaur Era VR

It’s time to take a look at what’s up next – Our Dinosaur Era. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, and explore the ancient world of the dinosaurs. If you have a paleontologist’s exploratory heart beating inside, this one is definitely a worthy download. If we take a look at the only other app with this particular theme right now – the Jurassic World: Apatosaurus (built by the talented team over at Felix & Paul), it becomes quite clear that this one is in no way ready to compete on a visual level, but that’s not where the strength of this app lies. The strength of Our Dinosaur Era, is its breath of content, and family-friendly narration.

“A Great VR 3D Dinosaur exploring app for everyone in the family. 5/5” – POP 2Review

While a heavy load of educational GearVR apps tend to focus on just being visually flawless, but short, this one actually provides a bit more content and substance which is nice for a change. Take it for a spin if you’re interested in prehistoric reptiles, and want to gain some perspective of just how impressive these primordial creatures were.

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Boulevard (Previously Woofbert) is an app that attempts to bring you closer to the world’s finest works of art, without having to jump on an airplane to venture out and see the real thing. Virtual reality’s greatest strength is its ability to transport you places, and allowing you to digitally experience that which is currently out of arm’s reach. The team over at Boulevard realized this, and with the acquisition of Oculus by Facebook they knew they had to strike immediately. Educational GearVR apps can help us experience many things up hand in living form, yet not all things worth experiencing in 3-dimensional space are living creatures or dynamically shifting environments. Sometimes, it’s experiencing the visceral works of art from the world’s leading museums.

“Netflix for the Arts” – Forbes

What Boulevard is doing, is giving you access to the world’s most iconic museums, so you can experience leading art exhibitions from the comfort of your own home. Here at the editorial, we took at trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum in VR, and experienced a solid 30 minutes browsing the art gallery and listening to the museum curator telling us the stories behind each piece. Truly, a phenomenal experience. This one is a must!

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The Body VR

Let’s move on to something quite different from art galleries and dinosaurs. We’re changing theme, and now it’s about time we went for the really really small. The Body VR truly is one of the most visually stunning apps we have on our list today. The purpose of the experience is for you to man a vessel as you explore the wonders of the human body and its billions of living cells. You travel through the bloodstream and learn everything there is to know about how blood cells work to spread oxygen through the human body. You also learn just how your body reacts when it’s faced with deadly viruses.

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At The Fork VR

At The Fork VR is one of the most basic-level experience of all of the educational GearVR apps on our list today. It’s an experience that takes you on a big tour of the farms and enclosure of the 2016 documentary film “At The Fork“. On the tour you’re teaming up with the ever-talented Lisa Versaci, as your walk through the farms and get to greet all of the animals that currently living there. This is definitely one for the youngsters out t here!

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Titans of Space

It’s time. Pack your bags and leave all earthly memories behind. If Neil Degrasse-Tyson could take a pick on this list to crown as his favorite – this one would be it. With the most scientifically ambitious of our educational GearVR apps, we’re going to venture out into black night sky and explore the miracles of space.

Titans of Space is an exploratory application that lets you explore deep space to learn and understand just how massive and wondrous the galaxies of space really are. With beautiful background music, and an almost “Cosmos: A Space Odyssey“-like flow to the pace of the experience, you are sure to be in for a treat if there’s any kind of appetite for learning to be found in you.  The visuals are absolutely stunning, and the perspective and size ratio is accurate, which is flabbergasting once you see them for yourself!

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Educational GearVR Apps

That’s a wrap folks. We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of educational GearVR apps and that you’re hungry for more content, as the list will be updated as we move towards the end of this year. If you have any recommendations as the months go by, let us know in the comments section or on social media, and we will take your considerations into account when it’s time for an update!