Elite Dangerous VR update 18.2

Elite Dangerous Update 18.2 arrives on April 10

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Elite Dangerous, the expansive space simulation game, is set to receive a significant update on Wednesday, 10th April 2024, which promises to enhance the gaming experience for its dedicated community of players. Dubbed Update 18.02, this latest patch introduces a range of new features, improvements, and fixes, further enriching the game’s dynamic universe.

One of the most anticipated additions in Update 18.02 is the introduction of the Super Cruise Overcharge, a new functionality for Rating C Frame Shift Drive (FSD) modules. These modules, available at various Outfitting services across more technologically advanced markets, are designed to offer players a new layer of strategic depth in navigation and travel within the game’s vast galaxy.

The update also addresses several issues that have been highlighted by the player community. Notably, it resolves a problem where players were unable to add an experimental effect to pre-engineered 5A FSD modules, ensuring a smoother and more customizable gameplay experience. Additionally, the update fixes a bug that prevented the mission icon from displaying on commodity markets for Delivery missions, streamlining the mission interface for players.

In response to community feedback, Update 18.02 also introduces support for hardware with up to 128 buttons registered as an input device, catering to players with advanced gaming setups. This enhancement is part of the developers’ ongoing efforts to improve hardware compatibility and player immersion.

The update further addresses issues related to the game’s narrative and enemy AI, particularly concerning the Thargoid Titans and Thargoid Ships/Vehicles. Adjustments have been made to the Titan threat calculation, fixing the torus move behavior in solo instances. The update also corrects exposed text strings for Thargoid Spire Collect & Sabotage missions, ensuring a more polished and immersive storytelling experience.

Additionally, Update 18.02 brings minor fixes and performance improvements, particularly in multiplayer scenarios involving Thargoid Titans. These changes aim to enhance the overall stability and performance of the game, providing a more enjoyable experience for players engaging in cooperative or competitive multiplayer activities.

The update also includes various graphical fixes and updates, such as correcting the orientation of Titan Destroyed decals on certain ships and improving the visual representation of the Caustic Sink Launcher HUD indicator. These visual enhancements contribute to a more immersive and visually appealing gaming environment.

Elite Dangerous’ Update 18.02 reflects the developers’ commitment to continually refining the game based on player feedback and technological advancements. With its focus on enhancing gameplay mechanics, fixing prevalent issues, and improving the game’s visual and performance aspects, this update promises to offer an even more engaging and immersive experience for the Elite Dangerous community.

About Elite Dangerous VR

Elite Dangerous VR offers an immersive space flight simulation experience, allowing players to command a spaceship and explore a realistic 1:1 scale representation of the Milky Way galaxy. The game supports most Virtual Reality headsets on PC, enhancing the sense of presence in its vast open-world universe. Players can engage in a variety of activities such as trading, mining, exploration, and combat, both in single-player and multiplayer modes. The VR version of Elite Dangerous has been praised for its deep immersion, bringing players closer to the feeling of being actual space pilots navigating through space.

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