Elite Dangerous VR Update 18

Elite Dangerous Update 18: The Final Stand Against the Thargoids

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Elite Dangerous, the expansive space flight simulation game developed by Frontier Developments, is set to receive its 18th major update, marking a significant moment in the ongoing narrative of the game. Scheduled for release at 15:00 UTC on February 26, 2024, Update 18 is not just another patch but a pivotal update that thrusts players into the endgame of the war against the Thargoids, a warlike, insectoid alien race that has been a part of the Elite Dangerous universe since its inception.

Elite Dangerous is a space exploration and combat game that offers a true-to-scale universe of the Milky Way galaxy for players to explore, either in ships or on foot on planets. It features a variety of activities including trading, fighting, and encountering alien species. The game supports VR, providing an immersive experience where players can freely look around their cockpit and engage in space combat with a heightened sense of depth and presence. However, it’s important to note that the “On Foot” gameplay does not have official VR support. Elite Dangerous is available on multiple VR platforms and is praised for its authentic space flight experience, especially when combined with a VR headset and flight controls.

Key Features and Enhancements

Guardian Nanite Torpedo Pylons

At the forefront of Update 18 is the introduction of Guardian Nanite Torpedo Pylons, a new weapon in humanity’s arsenal against the Thargoids. This development comes after extensive research and prototyping, culminating in a production pipeline that sees these powerful weapons stocked on Rescue Megaships. Aegis, the in-game military research organization, has expressed its anticipation for commanders to deploy these torpedoes against the Thargoid Titans, signaling a crucial phase in the conflict.

Quality of Life Improvements

Update 18 also brings a host of quality of life improvements and bug fixes aimed at enhancing the player experience. Notable adjustments include:

  • System Authority and Power Play agents have been provided with calming tea and soothing music, reducing their unprovoked aggressive tendencies and leaving such behavior to the pirates, in keeping with tradition.
  • Fixes to ensure SRV and ship shadows no longer disappear in both VR and flatscreen modes.
  • A touching tribute with the renaming of Daha Deti 1 A to Lumitar, in memory of a lost colleague and friend.
  • Various AI and enemy behavior adjustments, including changes to Thargoid ships’ detection ranges and the docking reliability of Thargon swarms with Hydra class Interceptors.

UI and Graphics Enhancements

The update introduces several UI improvements, such as the correct depiction of Fleet Carrier captain’s avatars in various messages and the introduction of a “Gravity Well” cockpit message to replace the “Slow Down” warning. Graphics fixes address issues ranging from incorrect background images for Federation branded adverts to adjustments in the rendering of various ship and environment models.

Thargoid War Adjustments

Critical to the update are the adjustments made to the ongoing Thargoid war. These include fixes to ensure that escape pods saved from star systems with Thargoid Spire Sites contribute to the war effort and improved reporting of counter-attack states. These changes underscore the update’s focus on the climactic battle against the Thargoids.


Update 18 is a substantial addition to Elite Dangerous, bringing not only technical fixes and improvements but also advancing the game’s narrative to a critical juncture. As players prepare to deploy Guardian Nanite Torpedos against the Thargoid Titans, the update promises to deliver an exciting and immersive endgame experience. With a file size of approximately 30GB, players are eagerly awaiting the chance to dive into the new content and contribute to the final stages of the war against the Thargoids.

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