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Elite Dangerous – short description

Elite Dangerous is a space exploration and combat VR game that offers a true-to-scale universe with a variety of ships, vehicles, and on-foot exploration. Players can engage in wars, skirmishes, and encounters with a mysterious alien race. The game is known for its immersive VR experience, detailed cockpits, and the ability to look around freely using head movements. Elite Dangerous and its expansion Odyssey support VR, enhancing the experience of space travel and combat.

Elite Dangerous players have achieved a significant victory in their ongoing space battles against the Thargoid forces. The Thargoid Titan Taranis has been defeated after a massive coordinated effort from Commanders across the galaxy. The Titan was critically damaged, leading to a meltdown and its subsequent destruction, leaving behind a cloud of caustic remains. With Taranis down, seven more Titans still pose a threat, with Titan Leigong identified as the next likely target, although it requires further weakening before a full assault can be launched.

In light of the successful campaign against Taranis, the game’s developers have announced a special update regarding the rewards for participants. Recognizing that some players were unable to contribute as much as they would have liked due to technical issues, the rewards for this event will be distributed to all players who traveled to the system from the release of Update 18 until the destruction of Taranis. This ensures that even those affected by bugs will receive their due rewards, which include a ship kit and decal. These rewards are scheduled to go live on Thursday.

However, this is a one-time adjustment to the reward system. Future Titan destruction rewards will require players to have actively participated by damaging the Titan’s heat core. Players who engage in defeating Titans will receive increasingly prestigious ship kits and decals, with the first set being the Alliance Chieftain bleached bone ship kit and a corresponding decal.

To qualify for these incremental rewards, players must meet certain criteria: they must have damaged a Titan’s heat core within one week prior to its meltdown and must have earned a minimum of 2 million credits from this action. Additionally, players can earn Arx for taking down Titan hearts, with greater rewards for top contributors.

The Elite Dangerous community is encouraged to keep an eye on official news channels for updates on the rewards and to continue their efforts against the remaining Thargoid Titans.

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