F1 23 VR review

F1 23 VR Review

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Genre: Racing

Compatibility: Valve Index, Meta Quest 3, Quest 2, HTC Vive

Platforms: SteamVR

Minimum Requirements: Intel Core i5-9600k or AMD Ryzen 5 2600X, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti or AMD RX 590, Direct X 12

Features: Single player, Multiplayer

Release date: 15.06.2023

Developer: Codemasters (Published by EA)

Price: $69,99

Are you looking for an adrenaline-pumping racing experience? Get ready to strap yourself in and get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car with the new F1 23 VR game on Quest 2 PC VR.

With realistic visuals and controls, you can experience the thrill of racing in an immersive VR environment. Choose from a variety of game modes to customize your experience and progress in your racing career.

Key Takeaways

  • Formula 1 23 offers impressive graphics and a realistic gameplay experience, particularly when played in VR mode with a steering wheel.
  • The game’s controls and mechanics may be challenging for beginners, especially if they are not familiar with Formula One racing.
  • Playing the game in VR with a steering wheel enhances immersion and adds a new level of appeal to the racing genre.
  • The inclusion of VR mode in Formula 1 23 opens up the genre to a broader audience and showcases the potential of VR technology in racing game developments.


f1 23 vr reception

F1 2023 gameplay is great, especially when you have a wheel as well. When it comes to different features, the gameplay has a large variety of things to do: From Breaking Point, Carrier Mode, world mode, and multiplayer mode to customizing your own driver and car.

Breaking Point is a unique story-driven campaign mode that introduces characters and emotional beats, providing an exceptional experience in a racing game. It is a story of two drivers who were rivals in F1 21, but now they join forces in the newest team that joins the race

Additionally, the Career mode allows players to progress through F1 seasons and build a racing career.

There is also a world mode in which you can test different setups of your car, learn the tracks, and try to beat a real-time set by F1 drivers. Also, you are able to compete and complete daily and weekly challenges.

Solo and multiplayer events also take part in the game with fresh objectives to pursue with additional rewards that will keep you sharp and in shape.

With all these options, the game offers a wide range of activities for players to engage with.

The way you feel the speed is unique and new and perfectly corresponds with the VR.

These types of games are made to be played in VR mode.

Immersion and Graphics

f1 23 vr gameplay

The visuals may not be as sharp as Gran Turismo on PSVR, but the game still looks impressive when the graphics settings are maxed out. The visual clarity and quality may be affected by the lower resolution of the Quest 2 headset compared to PSVR, but the overall experience is still immersive and enjoyable.

The game’s visuals are improved by the added realism from playing in VR with a steering wheel, enhancing the overall experience and making the game more enjoyable for both racing game enthusiasts and VR enthusiasts.

Breaking and turning simultaneously isn’t possible like in other racing games, but the experience is still fully immersive and appeals to both racing game enthusiasts and VR fans. Expert assists can be set to make the game more challenging, and the controls require you to break in order to slow down and turn.

The visuals can be maxed out to achieve great graphics, and the VR mode introduces F1-specific mechanics, such as the overtake button. All of this adds to the realism and immersion of the game, making it a must-play for any racing fan.

Assists and Controls

You can set the assists to expert level for an extra challenge in Formula 1 23. This is a great option for those looking to test their skills in the world of Formula One.

Setting up the VR mode in F1 23 is pretty easy to do, and you don’t expect to have any issues doing so if you are familiar with the headset and interface. You need to plug in your Meta Link cable or another compatible cable to your PC, launch the Oculus setup, and make sure everything is set up.

Breaking and turning simultaneously isn’t possible in Formula One cars, so the controls will require the player to break to slow down and then stop breaking to turn the car. This can be daunting for those not familiar with the series, and the learning curve for mastering the controls and mechanics of the game can be steep.

Fortunately, the game allows for assist customization to help the player get used to the mechanics of the game. This makes the F1 23 experience more accessible to a wider range of players.

Why VR Makes Racing Games Better

The immersive nature of VR and the use of a steering wheel make racing games much more engaging and rewarding.

Playing in VR gives you a heightened sense of realism and immersion as if you were actually in a real race car. The visuals and gameplay are greatly enhanced when compared to playing on a flat screen, with the visuals appearing sharper and the controls feeling much more intuitive.

The addition of VR mode to racing games adds a whole new level of appeal, even for those who aren’t typically interested in the genre. With the use of a steering wheel and feedback, the overall gameplay experience is taken to a whole new level, making it much more enjoyable and realistic.

VR mode allows players to immerse themselves in the racing genre like never before, and with the right setup, it can be one of the most enjoyable and thrilling gaming experiences.


Most people who have tried this game found it a very pleasant experience, and the feedback is in the same direction. The overall rating of F1 23 in Steam is “Very positive” out of 5,833 reviews.

The main negative feedback coming from the player base is related to poor optimization and performance of the game – even with a very strong and high-end PC, you may experience blurry graphics and drop in the FPS. Luckily, we tested it with Meta Quest 2, and it was just fine.

You can check this Reddit discussion for more info on the topic.


F1 23 VR on Quest 2 PC VR is the perfect way to experience the thrill of racing without ever leaving your house. With its realistic visuals and controls, immersive experience, and variety of game modes, it offers something for everyone.

Additionally, the added level of appeal that VR brings to racing games makes them so much better than ever before.

Despite needing a powerful PC to experience the game with its maximum graphic details, it’s still one of the games of the year. Moreover, racer games in VR are far more enjoyable and fun to play. Another great news is that there are more amazing upcoming VR racing games in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Minimum System Requirements to Run Formula 1 23 in VR Mode?

To run Formula 1 23 in VR mode, you’ll need a PC with at least 8GB RAM, an AMD Ryzen 5 2600X or Intel I5-9600K, a GeForce GTX 1660 with Driver 522.25/AMD Radeon RX 590 Driver 23.2.1 graphics card, and at least 8GB of storage.

Is There a Way to Adjust the Difficulty of the Assists?

Yes, you can adjust the difficulty of the assists in Formula 1 23. AI tuning, controller mapping, and multiplayer challenges can all be adjusted to suit your skill level. You can also set up custom controller mapping to get the most out of your steering wheel.

What Type of Gameplay Content Does the Breaking Point Story Mode Offer?

The Breaking Point story mode of F1 23 offers improved immersion and an enhanced experience with realistic driving. It provides a unique experience in a racing game, allowing players to explore and progress through their racing career. It represents the establishment of the newest team in Formula 1 Konnorsport Racing team and follows the characters from F1 21: Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler – two ex-rivals who join strength in the team. The two are constantly at odds with one another, with no shortage of drama.

How Does the VR Mode Compare to Playing on a Flat Screen?

Playing in VR mode offers an immersive experience with realistic graphics, compared to playing on a flat screen. It makes the racing genre more appealing and enjoyable with its heightened sense of realism and immersion.

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