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Forest VR – how good it is?

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Genre: action, adventure, indie, sumalation

Compatibility (headsets): Steam VR or Oculus PC

Platforms: Steam Store

Minimum requirements: Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 Ghz, Memory: 4 GB RAM, Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT, DirectX 9, Storage: 5 GB available space

Features: single / multiplayer

Release date: May, 2018

Developer: Endnight Games

Price: 16.79 $

The Forest VR is a virtual reality survival horror game available on Oculus Quest 2 on Steam, created by Endnight Games, which was initially a small 4-person indie studio. With the help of hired freelancers, they have succeeded in developing this jewel. Players must survive a plane crash while facing off against cannibals and gathering resources to build a base.

From crafting and building a shelter to outwitting hostile creatures, Forest VR has something for everyone.

Whether you’re a horror fan or a survival enthusiast, this review will help you decide if The Forest VR is worth the purchase. Here, you can check what other VR horror games are about to be released.

Gameplay Mechanics

Forest VR mechanics

The gameplay mechanics of Forest VR are what make it so enjoyable. Players can use motion controls to swim faster, crouch underwater to see better, and use a stick to save progress. Navigation is made easier with the motion controls, allowing for swift swimming and precise movements.

By exploring the underwater areas, players can find hidden items and use a map to navigate the island. Crafting and building are also essential aspects of the game, with players able to construct a log cabin, create a stone axe, and build a fire pit for cooking food.

Avoiding sharks, managing resources, and watching out for hunger and thirst levels are just some of the challenges and dangers faced by players. All of these features make Forest VR an incredibly fun and immersive experience.

Survival Needs

The survival needs of Forest VR are an important part of the gameplay. One must hunt animals for food, which requires an understanding of hunting strategies. Finding water sources is also essential for hydration management. To maintain health, one must also build a shelter to protect from the elements and use a lighter to create fire for warmth.

Hunger and thirst levels must be monitored carefully, and one must be careful of hostile animals. Resources must be managed properly to survive in the forest. Overall, it’s important to be aware of these survival needs to ensure a successful experience in Forest VR.

Crafting & Building

The Forest VR’s crafting and building menus are an extension of its immersive experience, providing players with an intuitive and satisfying experience. The menus are well-implemented with an easy-to-follow structure for crafting weapons, tools, building structures, and more.

One of our favorite mechanics in The Forest is crafting, which allows you to create items and build from the resources you collect. For example, when you craft a stone axe, you can chop trees and make walls and structures, and when you find a rope, you can make a fishing net.

Challenges & Dangers

Forest VR gameplay

After crafting and building a log cabin, you have to be careful of the dangers that lurk on the island. Sharks are one of the biggest threats, so you have to come up with strategies to avoid them. You will learn to look for signs that sharks are in the area, such as fish swimming away or a fin in the distance.

You also have to keep an eye on my hunger and thirst levels since these could leave you vulnerable. To make sure you manage your resources effectively, you have to set up a fishing line and hunt animals for food.

In addition to sharks, you also have to be aware of other hostile animals on the island and take care not to get too close or disturb them.

Immersion and Graphics

Frequently, The Forest VR provides a sense of wonder and immersion through its immersive graphics. The game’s crafting and building mechanics, as well as its atmospheric experience, are enhanced in the VR version.

Despite being well-implemented, there are some issues with porting the game into VR that can break the immersion. Glitches, funky animations, and AI behavior of the cannibals are some of the issues that detract from the experience. However, the graphics in VR help to make up for it.

VR Porting Issues

The Forest VR was sloppily ported, causing additional problems compared to the non-VR version. The developers aimed to generate more sales by creating a VR port based on the atmospheric experience, leading to the game having more issues and glitches than the base game.

A lack of directions and vague objectives make it difficult to navigate the story in VR, and the impact on the gameplay experience is noticeable. Throwing objects like tennis balls or stones results in them flying off unrealistically.

VR porting challenges have had an overall negative effect on the game, making it difficult to meet the expectations of players looking for a well-executed VR experience.

Final Verdict and Reception

Taking all factors into consideration, The Forest VR receives a rating of 10 out of 10 on Steam. From more than 437,000 reviews, the opinions are overwhelmingly positive about the game.

Exploring the game’s atmosphere and gameplay mix, the potential for multiplayer fun, and the ability to craft and build make it a good option for players looking for a survival experience.

The game’s flaws, such as funky animations, odd AI behavior, and glitches, can impede the player’s progress and immersion. However, the horror and satisfaction that come with the game’s experience make it a viable option for those seeking a humorous and sometimes horrific experience.

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All in all, Forest VR is a unique combination of intense survival and exploration with an enchanting, vibrant world.

It’s full of surprises, challenges, and dangers that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Playing the game is an absolute blast, and it never gets boring.

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