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Alright gang - pick up your wireless Oculus Go and take it for a spin with these awesome freebies you can download right now.
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Top 10 Best Free Oculus Go Apps to Download in 202011 min read

Nick Rasmussen

VR has been with us for a few years now, and since the launch of the Samsung Gear VR, it has been no secret that wireless, affordable solutions have been the most popular. With the launch of Oculus Go, we are leaping several steps forward in terms of future-proofing the industry. The demand for free content for this very affordable piece of technology is spiking by the hour.

What’s so super interesting about headsets like the Oculus Go and the Oculus Quest is that they allow you to go wireless and explore the virtual worlds without the need of a powerhouse gaming PC worth a fortune. The headsets themselves still are a bit pricy though, and that’s probably going to last for a few years still.

With that being the case, we thought we’d take you all on a tour of the best content around you can access without having to dig too deep into your pockets.These are the 10 best free Oculus Go Apps to download in 2020:


Epic Roller Coasters


Epic Roller Coasters is a high-paced adrenaline-pumped game that takes you through all manner of locations, as you desperately cling to whatever cart has been assigned to your ride. Get ready to experience the rush of combining high level graphics with fast paced roller coaster action. The game is free to play on the Oculus Go, but allows for micro transactions once installed. It needs to be said that the levels of movement may be too much for the really young players, or those of you who get motion sickness easily.

Developer: B4T Games
Space Required: 504.86 MB




Within is, at its core a platform that gives you access to the very best of what VR has to offer in terms of cinematic experiences. If you want to dial down on the gaming and just lie back to enjoy the wonders of immersive storytelling, take this one for a spin first. With the Oculus Go you can even bring it outside and enjoy hours of uninterrupted wonder entirely free. For more inspiration on Within, don’t forget to check out their home page as frequent content are being added all the time.

Developer: Within
Space Required: 252.43 MB


Altspace VR


Altspace VR is a free social experiment that has kicked off since its launch a few years ago. Instead of focusing on high-intensity gaming, or laid back cinematography, it allows you to explore several types of social activity with friends from all around the world. In that sense, it’s great at showing us what VR is capable of – breaking down barriers for communication across long distances. A great little app, especially if you have a friend or two who happen to also have themselves an Oculus Go.

Developer: AltspaceVR
Space Required: 356.28 MB


Dragon Front


Dragon Front is a fantasy-based card game that utilizes the wonders of immersive technology to bring a refreshing new take on games like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. The game mixes some WW2 elements into the mix, making the experience truly unique thematically. With the Oculus Go, you can enjoy long games of tactical combat without having to worry about either cables or a Samsung phone getting too hot. An absolute must-have, if you’ve ever enjoyed a game of Hearthstone.

Developer: High Voltage Software, Inc.
Space Required: 683.49 MB


Pet Lab


Pet Lab is a young-audience-friendly Oculus Go app that allows you to create, modify and sell your very own magical pets, as the store-owner of the ever-curious “Scrufflewicks”. As you make your way throughout the game, you get to work with all kinds of majestic magical creatures, and if you have the guts for it – you can even bring them out to challenge other players in the Royal Rumbleskin Tournament. Pet Lab is fun, it’s creative, and it’s free!

Developer: Force Field
Space Required: 676.11 MB


Dead And Buried


Dead And Buried is a shooter that’ll keep you occupied for hours on end. The game is gorgeous and it packs an almost Overwatch-like visual fidelity that can be highly appreciated. Combining the draw, point, shoot with a thematic western-like experience, you should be won over after a game or two. Being open for multiplayer, fun to play and 100% free for the Oculus Go, this one is a no-brainer.

Developer: Oculus
Space Required: 500.12 MB


Face Your Fears


Face Your Fears is a freak show of a horror app for the Oculus Go (and we mean that as a thoroughly heartfelt complement). The fact that you can now be scared beyond belief as you embark upon all manner of horror experiences without a single wire, is astounding. Explore the free demos on the app, or spend a few bucks to unlock all of them all. It doesn’t matter if you’re a creepy crawlies person, a spookophobe or just horrified beyond belief at the sight of a clown. You’ll find it all in this free horror-show of an app.

Developer: Turtle Rock Studios
Space Required: 501.44 MB




Bait! is a vastly popular Oculus Go game g that has been heralded as one of the greats by high-value publications such as VRScout and The Verge. There’s a reason for that though. Not only is it free to play, it’s also incredibly peaceful to use. Ahh – to gaze out unto the pristine landscapes that are available in all four locations of the game, while you picture that big, rare fish you’re about to reel in is really something special. If you’re not an angler yourself, don’t worry – the visual fidelity and gamification at play here is really next level. Who knows – you might just find yourself browsing baits and lures on Ebay soon.

Developer: Resolution Games
Space Required: 480.71 MB


Poker VR


Poker VR as a game is pretty straight forward. It’s a massive multiplayer experience for the Oculus Go that allows you to fold/raise/stake your way to the top of a vast tournament. There’s over 50 trophies for you to unlock on your way to the top, and your character can be customised almost indefinitely as there’s over 500 million customisation possible in the game. That’s a lot of content for a free game!

Developer: Casino VR
Space Required: 779.89 MB


Oculus Venues


Oculus Venues is a classic that has been available on other platforms as well as the Oculus Go. What it does, is allow you to participate in events from around the world without having to actually attend in person. Whether it’s an NBA game, a cinema experience or some next-level stand up comedy. All of it is available through Oculus Venues, and it’s no surprise it has accumulated the amount of downloads it has. As far as free apps go, this should be on your top 3 first downloads.

Developer: Oculus
Space Required: 96.65 MB


Oculus Rooms


After firing up the app, you can hit the remote and start watching TV and movies. You can fire up your favourite artists and listen to music for hours if that’s more your thing. You can even customize it to your heart’s extent in a very Sims-like fashion. Definetely a download worthy, if you’ve had a bad day at work and need to unplug for a while. There’s a really nice Facebook-integration set up too, so you can poster your walls with pictures from your personal Facebook account

Developer: Oculus
Space Required: 287 MB


Premium Oculus Go Apps

Today’s list has primarily been focused on Oculus Go apps that you can download for free. If however, you’re willing to spend a penny or two on your virtual reality experiences, we have stacked a bonus pack of 5 awesome apps to take a look at. We get that VR is still underway, and pricing is a concern. Still, if you don’t mind getting out your digital wallet for some premium action, have a look at these hand-picked premium titles:


Coaster Combat


Ever wondered what happened if you crossed Clint Eastwood, Mark Wahlberg and Disneyland Paris? Well, it’s time to found out by turning on one of the most timeless experiences for the Oculus Go in 2019. It’s addictive, it’s adrenaline-inducing and your never, ever run out of things to do. For those of you who are easily motion sick though, we urge you to be cautious spending too much time in here though. A massive must-download title if you are new to virtual reality.

Developer: Oculus
Space Required: 1.45 GB




Wands is the first-ever lifelike wizards-duelling game. If you’re into Harry Potter, immersive technology and happen to have an Oculus Go on the shelves somewhere, then you gotta pick this one up and get ready to blast straight into a hectic adventure of spells, shields and special effects that will make your jaw drop.

Developer: Cortopia Studios
Space Required: 623 MB




Are you ready to zip up that wingsuit and take the leap? Well, if you’re an adrenaline-junkie with a flair for technology and don’t mind sweaty hands on your controller, Rush provides you with one hell of a virtual experience. Rush delivers captivating environments, gorgeous jump locations and over 80 mountain paths for you to conquer as you fly your way to fame and glory.

Developer: The Binary Mill
Space Required: 6.45 GB


Catan VR


Ever heard of Settlers of Catan? Well, if not, they you’re in for quite a treat, as this massively-known boardgame has been picked up and loved by people from all around the world, and its acclaim seem to only be accelerating. Catan VR has been a massive success across the Oculus Rift and the Gear VR. If you have any of those consoles at the ready, make sure to test them out there first. The Oculus Go version will be out before long, so stay tuned as we will add the link here once it’s up!

Developer: Experiment 7
Space Required: 260 MB




Thumper is a maddeningly cool experience for virtual reality that is part-terrifying and part-gorgeous. It’s a moderately crazy racing game that packs beautiful psychedelic visuals, a catchy soundtrack and adrenaline-inducing bossfights.

Developer: Drool LLC
Space Required: 193 MB


Summary: Top 10 Best Free Oculus Go Apps 2020

That brings today’s list to an end unfortunately. There are plenty of ways you can go about exploring your Oculus Go. With the Go, we’re stripping away all wires and cables, while at the same time eliminating any need for a smartphone to power the experience. This is a power-move when looking at the grand scheme of evolving the use of VR, and bringing it to the masses with as few barriers as possible.

Oculus Go is a massive step forward, and with the launch of the Oculus Quest, it would seem that the team over at Facebook are leading the charge in terms of popularizing VR for the masses. Something we as a publication are beyond thankful for.

If you enjoyed our list, don’t forget to check out our list of free favourites for the Samsung Gear VR as a lot of the content available there, can also be viewed on the Oculus Go.

Written by Nick Rasmussen

Blogging about VR and helping Envato grow their affiliate program.

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